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The Kansas Entomological Society
The Central States Entomological Society

The Society goes by both of the above names.

It provides a forum for entomologists and welcomes as members all persons interested in insects or other terrestrial arthropods, their ecology, behavior, systematics, physiology, control, conservation, etc.

The Society was established in 1928, and produces a quarterly publication, the Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society that contains papers by local authors as well as by persons from many other parts of the world.

The Society holds annual meetings in Kansas or nearby states, at which students as well as established entomologists present results of their research or reviews of topics of interest. There are no concurrent sessions! Thus interactions among individuals and their diverse disciplines are fostered.

The Kansas Entomological Society is pleased to announce that it will once again team up with the Kansas Academy of Sciences to host the Joint Meeting of the Kansas Academy of Science and Kansas Entomological Society at McPherson College April 14-15, 2023.

Registration:  (Register By March 11, 2023 for early pricing) 

Abstract Submission Deadline:  Friday, March 24, 2023

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KAS/KES Meeting

155th Annual Meeting of the Kansas Academy of Sciences and Kansas Entomological Society

McPherson College April 14-15, 2023




Kansas Entomological Society


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